Multi Purpose P.K. Syntax Analyzer Generator...

What is mppksag?
  • It is a Multi-Purpose Syntax Analyzer Generator…
  • It takes a grammar as an input, and produces a corresponding C source code!

The Original Idea on which mppksag is based on was first introduced by the Pick System Meta tool:
  • Meta was able to generate a P-Code based syntaxic analyzer, that was interpreted by the Pick Virtual Machine.
  • mppksag can generate a C Source Code of a syntaxic analyzer from a BNF grammar source code .
  • mppksag's grammar is a very large superset of the Meta's one.

mppksag Specific Features:
  • It can use ambiguous grammar, and automatically manages rollbacks, both on source code and on generated code.
  • it only works on an error free grammar source (no error handling).
  • You can use a C formatting program in order to make the generated C source code more human readable.
    Many generated goto instructions seem to be unusefull: it is the consequence of the automatic code generation: It gives just a little more work to the C compiler's optimizer. ;o)
  • Nowadays, many equivalent software exist (Lex & Yacc for example ). many of them are open source, and they generate code that are much more performant (ascendant analysis instead of descendant : it is a specialist remark!). But they need to have as a source grammar, a non ambiguous one (for specialists: ll1 or ll2). mppksag is able to generate an analyzer from a much more ambiguous grammar (for specialists: llk, with no limit for k ).

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